Now offering precision 3D resins from Keystone Industries®, and Garreco®. These resins are carefully formulated to create splints, investment and crown & bridge models, aligners, and more! Instructions and settings available for most major printer brands.

  • Example 3D printed dental model with beige base, and pink soft gingival material components

    Garreco Print Gingiva 3D


  • Example printed models in beige and grey 3D Resins

    Garreco Print Model 3D Pro


  • Example 3D printed Dental model in peach shade

    Garreco Print Model 3D Ultra in Peach


  • Red mordent buffing agent in cylinder form

    Granite Buffing Agent


  • One kilogram bottle of 3D printing resin in Ivory Shade

    Keymodel Ultra Ivory - 1kg.


  • Example Splints made using Keyprint Soft, one in light blue shading and one in clear

    KeySplint Soft Resin


  • Blue 3D Printed example of wax pattern for casting

    WaxCast 3D