100 gram bar of blue high-shine polishing material, and one 100 gram bar of beige medium polish material.
1lb. block of high-shine red TCS polishing material
1lb. bar of green high shine TCS polishing material

Hatho bars are designed for high shine polishing of precious/non-precious metals and light curing composites. It’s a universal compound for high shine polish with special high grade abrasives inside, similar to diamonds. Use with muslin, chamois, micro-fiber leather or flannel buffs. Beige bars Initial surface must be prepared with a pre-polish pumice.

TCS polishing bars are available for each line of TCS: Hi Shine (Green) for Unbreakable and Karadent, iShine (Red) for iFlex. Use with UDS Muslin buffs and TCS rag buffs.

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