Uhler Dental Supply stocks all the items your partial department will need. From polishing tools to injection equipment and everything in between!

We stock the ever popular TCS Dental® cartridges in a number of shades and sizes. If you are in need of a special size or shape of TCS® cartridge for your machine, please call us and we will be able to accommodate your order! We also carry Valplast® cartridges and equipment and processing tools from each vendor.

  • Product photograph of Alloy Shots

    Alloy Shots


  • Product photograph of Quartz Crucible

    Quartz Crucible


  • stainless steel ball clasps

    Stainless Steel Ball Clasps


  • Product photograph of Stainless Steel Clasp Wire

    Stainless Steel Clasp Wire

    $12.95 - $49.95

  • Preformed Grid strengthener in palate form with perforations in stainless steel

    Stainless Steel Grid Strengtheners


  • Stainless Steel J-Clasp shaped Roach-Clasps in straight bicuspid 1mm sizing

    Stainless Steel UDS Roach Clasps / J Clasps


  • Twisted strength braid bars for lingual reinforcement, one three strand in stainless steel and one three strand with gold-plating

    Strength Braid

    $14.95 - $22.50

  • Wooden handled partial knife with curved blade. pack of 25 replacement blades shown to the side

    TCS Carving Knife

    $29.95 - $32.95

  • Product photograph of TCS Millable Discs - iFlex

    TCS Millable Discs - iFlex


  • Product photograph of TCS Millable Discs - Unbreakable

    TCS Millable Discs - Unbreakable


  • Product photograph of TCS Mini Fuzz Rag Buffs

    TCS Mini Fuzz Rag Buffs


  • pink coarse grinding wheels for the hand piece

    TCS Pink Grinding Wheels