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    Denture Teeth

    Choose between our best selling acrylic teeth Reveal & Eledent, Spain's finest Ortolux-Top & Odipal, or our popular house brands Uhler & UhlerPLUS. Lastly, our porcelain line of Ceraform teeth are always in stock and ready for immediate purchase. From economy lines to premium, we have what your lab will need.

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    Denture Lab Products

    Featuring products from all of the top dental manufacturers including Keystone®, Select® & Garreco®. We can provide the hard to find items including Roach Clasps, Strength Braids, Megatray and much more! We have offerings from waxes to burs and everything in between.

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    Starring our own Uhler Heat, Self, or Pour Acrylics. Need high impact? Then go with our private labeled Granite brand, or the top selling Diamond D from Keystone Industries. We have also expanded our house line to include Orthodontic Resin.

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    Partial Denture Products

    Partial Denture Products, featuring TCS Dental® and Valplast® cartridges and processing tools.

  • PMMA dental puck showing bridges that have been milled, with selection of Diamond Coated carbide dental milling burs


    Offering Pucks, Chroma liquids, and carbide or diamond-coated burs compatible with the most popular milling machines including Roland® 4mm shank mills, Amann Girbach® mills, and Sirona® mills. We also supply Zirconia processing tools.

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    3D Materials

    Now offering precision 3D resins and materials from Keystone Industries® and Garreco®. Their 3D resins can be used to create splints, many kinds of models, aligners, and more! Instructions and validation and settings are available for most major printer brands.

  • Cyclone dust collector showing main unit, exhaust hose and rolling cart


    The most trusted names in the industry including Handler Red Wing Lathes, Ray Foster Dust Collectors and Model Trimmers, TCS Dental® Injection Equipment, as well as the smaller equipment every lab needs.

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    Crown & Bridge Products

    UDS Crown and Bridge Products, including die-stones, glues, UDS tooth shade acrylic and more.


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