Offering PMMA Pucks, Chroma liquids, diamond impression stones, and carbide or diamond-coated burs compatible with the most popular milling machines including Roland® 4mm shank mills, Amann Girbach® mills, and Weiland® mills.

All burs have been lifetime tested to exceed 100 hours of use.

  • Product photograph of CAD/CAM Carbide Burs

    CAD/CAM Carbide Burs


  • Selection of Roland, Sirona, and Amann Girbach compatible diamond-coated milling burs

    CAD/CAM Nano Diamond Coated Burs


  • Selection of mounted greenstone on hand piece mandrels in taper, disc, barrel sizings

    Diamond Impression Green Stone

    $21.95 - $36.95

  • Origin Chroma Coloring Liquid for Zirconia


  • Product photograph of Origin Chroma Inhibitor

    Origin Chroma Inhibitor


  • Product photograph of PMMA Discs - 10 Layer

    PMMA Discs - 10 Layer

    $70.00 - $80.00

  • Image of three PMMA discs for use with CAD/CAM mills, one in clear PMMA and two in tooth toned shades

    PMMA Idodentine Disc

    $38.00 - $80.00